Long Overdue Update!


Its time for a long overdue update.  But where to begin!

Single Origin Teas was founded back in the spring of 2013.  And while the core values have not changed (bringing high quality tea at an appropriate price to my friends and fellow tea enthusiasts), things for me have!  A week or so after my last post (way back in March of 2014, again I’m sorry!), I moved to Florida.

Single Origin Teas has always been a family business, and so while I handle the online aspect, my mother (and Laura and Dee) have diligently filled the orders.  Several things have resulted from this move.  Notably I am completing a graduate degree from the University of Florida, and more importantly (or at least in regards to tea) growing tea here in Florida!

One of the original advertisements from the Waverly Growers Cooperative. Waverly Co-op is whom my family has sold its citrus through. The town of Waverly is also the closest town to where I will be growing my tea. So it seems very appropriate to honor heritage and pay respects.

For those that are active on the Facebook page, or on Steepster, you may have noticed the Waverly Tea Estate fundraisers.  Eventually it is my dream, for Waverly Tea Estate to stand proud and independent from Single Origin Teas.  But until then…you can sometimes order Florida grown tea here!

I’m also proud to announce that the University of Florida will soon be looking into tea growing trials here in Florida.  As many people know, citrus has been in decline due to a horrible disease.  And it is my (and many others) hope that tea can be offered as a new alternative crop for Florida growers.  So please, spread the word!

Some of the first ‘commercial’ batches of tea. I’ve been selling custom batches of tea to help raise money for the tea plants.


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