New Teas!

I”m excited to announce several new teas!  Huzzah!

1.) Coonoor Nilgiri. The first tea is a black tea from the Coonoor Tea Estate in the Nilgiri Mountains of south India.  Nilgiri isn’t really a well-known region of India.  Its production is less than Assam( but more than Darjeeling), and its milder climate doesn’t give much pause for a ‘striking’ tea.  But this is where one can really see the true skill and craft of the estate manager.

With beautifully long leggy leaves, that have this wonderful bramble/jam aroma.  It tastes like an ambrosia.  I may be in love (and I may have ordered this tea with the sole intent of filling my craving).  This rivals the Amba Tea Estate in quality.  As much as tea fanatics love to go on about the terroir of the soil, making tea is a craft that really has to be learned.  This batch shows the true potential for a tea of this region (which is going to make my tea tasting all the more difficult to find one of this caliber again).

2.) Hibiscus Petals.  Hibiscus is a nice exotic touch.  A flower that I wouldn’t really associate with a tea, but I find it perfect for summer.  Bright fuchsia color, with a touch of astringency, really make this a nice caffeine free alternative for the summer.

3.) Going along with the theme of herbal, Single Origin Teas will soon be stocking Chamomile!  Its taken me a while to find a source that will use whole flowers that haven’t been adulterated.  Hopefully y’all will agree that this raw form will give a purer taste.

4.) Honeybush.  If you love Rooibos, then this cousin-plant also from South Africa will be a nice touch!


Lastly I am waiting to hear back about several new flavored teas.  These teas would be coming from a European distributor, and I am anxiously awaiting to find out if they are willing to ship across to me.  The principle of Single Origin Teas is to sample the unique nature of teas from around the world.  While I don’t often associate this with flavored teas, sometimes its nice to drink something different.  Fingers crossed that I can provide some high-quality flavored teas too.



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